Hospital Infection Control

The robot serves as a carrier to integrate three disinfection modes: ultraviolet rays, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and plasma air filtration to meet the high-level disinfection requirements, killing endospores at the rate as high as 99.9999%. It applies the autonomous navigation technology and is autonomously mobile. Intelligent operation interface, simple and easy to operate

Intelligent Disinfection Robot

Intelligent Medical Services

The intelligent medical service system is based on robots, integrating medical detection devices, robotic artificial intelligence, and multimedia Internet and other solutions such as face recognition, voice interaction, remote video, and animation missions. It provides targeted solutions based on the special needs of the scene Services, optimize the current status of medical services, and establish a smart medical service system.

High Valued Consumables Delivery Robot
Trolly Delivery Robot
Regulated Drugs Delivery Robot
Medical Wastes Transportation Robot
Postoperative Instrument Recovery Robot
Biochemical Specimen Management Robot
Cabinet-Rack Combined Distribution Robot

Medical Supplies Management

TMI automated delivery robot system is mainly applied to the delivery of a great number of medical materials in surgery rooms, PIVAS, laboratory department, inpatient pharmacy, center supply unit and wards. It has achieved full coverage of key departments with industry-leading technologies, excellent quality and performance. It far exceeds traditional logistics delivery mode in complex transmission orbits and could help build multidimensional, efficient and paperless hospitals by establishing comprehensive and multidimensional logistics automated delivery system as well as provide modem hospitals with digital and information-based logistics management solution.

Medical service robot
Intelligent Guidance Assistant
Guidance Service Robot

Regulated Drugs Delivery Robot

Suitable for unmanned delivery of controlled drugs about toxic drugs, narcotics, I class psychotropic drugs, 11 class psychotropic drugs, and medicines that need to be refrigerated.


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